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Strawberry and chocolate cocochoco is a great combination of beauty used in keratin hair therapy

Strawberry and chocolate (COCOCHOCO) is a great combination of beauty used in KERATIN HAIR THERAPY® Strawberry is a great combination of beauty   Rich in vitamin C and polyphenols in fruit can be used in homemade masks for facial treatment and hair. Who does not like a cake, ice cream or strawberry jelly?. In fact, […]

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Skin care professionals why deception and lies could negatively affect your health

Skin Care Professionals – Why Deception and Lies could Negatively Affect Your Health I felt really angry when I researched this!  You are right to expect skin care professionals to be steering the ship of the cosmetic company that you purchase your products from, but there is very little that can be called professional in […]

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Burberry says can beat recession

Burberry says can beat recession “There’s two parts to consumer sentiment (at the moment). One is price, but the other is a return to things that are timeless and lasting and where there’s a return — a long return — on the investment you’re making,” Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts told the Reuters Global Luxury Summit […]

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Anti aging skin care with peptides know which can harm your skin

Anti Aging Skin Care With Peptides – Know Which Can Harm Your Skin Did you know one of the recent crazes when it comes to the wrinkle reduction is anti aging skin care with peptides, which are chains made up of amino acids? It is true that some peptides are actually very good in treating […]

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