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Womens perfume classification made easy

Women’s Perfume Classification Made Easy Fragrance classification makes it easier to create, identify and group different perfumes together by their scents, characters and perfume ingredients. However, the process of classifying perfumes is not an exact science and some perfumes have been known to fit into many categories.This can make working out what classification some perfumes […]

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Winter wedding bouquetswhat you should know

Winter Wedding Bouquets—What You Should Know Weddings in winter are very popular because of the romance that the weather creates in the celebration. The decorations and other wedding essentials should be related to winter, of course. One important part of the bride’s overall attire is the bouquet that she will hold while walking down the […]

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Why do we need to use cologne

Why Do We Need To Use Cologne ? Cologne and perfume , are important in every individual’s life. The first thing that others notice in you for the first time is the way you look, as you get closer to that person, body odour comes in and if you like the fragrance you are inhaling, […]

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Wedding planning

Wedding Planning… Depending on your personal preferences and the preferences of your husband or wife-to-be, a wedding can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 years to plan. If one step in the planning process is missed, the whole wedding could be ruined. To prevent this from happening, we have created a wedding checklist in […]

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