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Who had never lost never thought for a door

who had never lost, never thought for a door

fighting not the arithmetic operator, 10 times the combat does not mean you can beat ten men. as long as the other side a man hit you in the crucial point you still will be done in. “
“Do you mean to export the most significant discount MBT shoes combat power is it?”
Virtual Water said: “Yes, this is the middle of the course content, it means to have long Gongdi short. You do not have a pet called the tank to do magic? One of attacking him than what day that Zhao Gao and more right? but one to one hundred percent finished, then tanks, what have you that darts. speeds no one to catch on, be fighting alone, he may even have an ordinary monster hit, however, this is the specialty and the average combat difference. you have to play each creatures strengths and weaknesses of his own after hidden in everyone’s advantage. It’s like a crab, simply how soft it is something which, as long as you do not wear shells had not been able to play injury to it, the reason is the same. If you can play you in Long, Tin Chiu as long as you can not beat the best strengths of each, it can not defeat you. So in addition to absolute power can be overwhelming and any enemy regardless of outside, alone on a little bit of the advantages of comprehensive strength is the final winner will be. “
“Are generally understood. So behind it?”
“Followed by the same. Magic attacks that Ling and small you do not lose days of pure Chiu, right?”
“I mean high-level parts.”
“Oh. You say, ah!” Virtual water, the secret code turned a few pages before: “The advanced course is about grasping opportunities, this is not 32 that places clear of it! Rough means to seize the types of gaps, in order to focus on small land areas. This can play a stronger force than usual. example. When the enemy when the preparation time to prepare magic, certainly can not fight back the enemy at this time is a good opportunity to attack. There is every attack action of the interval, this is empty, take advantage of it can produce unexpected results. “
I frowned and said: “This is not said can be done will be done ah!”
“Of course.” Virtual water, patted the cover of books closed on me: “This is the elite training manual. If you listen to it again to become an expert at this too God has no ears, right? This is slowly refining needs, not understood be able to use them to. But there are some elite education is the shortcut item. “virtual water, then took the book spoke up. , “Now tell you for some special means.”
“Special measures?”
Open your books to find the water a bit empty, and then said: “You’d better record this.”
I quickly took out a crystal ball and said: “begin.”
Virtual water began said: “The first is the god of magic properties. After many experiments. We’ve included some very rare cases, and developed some special things. First of all, supernatural power is subject to the elements affected. The more elements balanced regional divine power stronger, our analysis may be a divine power spectrum by the same amount all the elements of the formation of fusion power, so when an element is insufficient in a divine power on the good gathered. So far we have been convinced that this All the gods are effective. “
In the side gallery, nodding purple Zhuo said: “Really? Next and the old man fight, I want to try.”
“You’re not afraid of their own was affected?” Silver Ballad asked.
Violet Cho shook his head: “I am Shun Yeung flame body, in addition to what I do not need the fire element. With fire de god I did not this ability.”
Water Virtual continued: “Purple You can try to create an environment element of balance to undermine each other’s supernatural power gather, if necessary to gather the magic of a single property, thus bringing the element with another, and all or most of the elements g disperse . so long as the strength of God, there will be significant decline, you may rest assured. This trial recruited 100 Braun. “
“This is a way to, if to a small net bring Jing Jing, Ling-Ling to disperse the light elements together, and then let Ling to gather the dark MBT shoes sale elements, so elements of balance will be destroyed, and my people in the dark element in the fighting but will become fold increase, really good way to ah! “
Proud boast of virtual water a few, then began: “The second secret is the compound attack battle. After we confirmed that the gods use physical attacks hit the enemy in the instant magic resistance will disappear in a flash, although the time is very short, but indeed occur. Although we do not know what is the reason to lower, but we know that it is available. In prehistoric times, there was an elite staff we demon tribe by a blow to the hard cases Pindiao the heaven A strong fighting spirits, and if that guy did not die. Erlang and four sacred now to be sidelined. We are the elite of the fighting actually only one-tenth of that of God in, but the moment he was attacked with a small attack spell to kill the God, and God can be seen that almost no Mofang moment, and seize this opportunity to fight a move to resolve. another. and that there are three conditions corresponding to. One is when the gods were to physical attacks, magic moment that he will completely disappear, which is the other magic attacks can interrupt one of the reasons, but we do not know why. There is magic when the spirits attack the moment the release is no physical defense , and also met with magic attacks in an instant that they are not physical attack power. “
I am talking about the: “Things are not Mofang instant attack, physical defense is not Mogong moment, Mo Gong moment there is no anti-matter, no matter Mofang instant attack. Could it be that the power of God is a single attribute, can not both be two kinds of power? “
“This we do not know, and anyway, this phenomenon is many demons to life summed up. And has proved to be absolutely reliable.”
“Reliable on-line, what to use them?”
“Of course, that a total of more than 30 articles yet.” Virtual water, the same kind of report to me. I recorded all this information down, it seems to rely on the future of the Futian Zhao special means of these. Of course, that means three sections have to learn to improve, because they not only on the gods, in general also have a certain effect to.
After all the recorded information left me with a purple Zhuo Yao Zu home base. Came out purple Zhuo accidentally saw a group of heaven to patrol. Hold me she was very surprised: “That’s not heaven, man?”
“Yes ah! How the?”
“But here is where the demons ah! If heaven who will not fight with it?”
“Now you got do not know ah?”
“If the Road, What?” Purple Zhuo looks so confused.
“Do not know or forget, it was nothing serious.” Do not think or purple demons and heaven Zhuo know what is good in co-operation. From the simple thought that she was a little girl. Let her touch the darkness to do so may make her appear more radical thinking that the future control of my very negative, I do not want her to behave too smart.
“Why not tell me.” Purple Zhuo obviously not going to let me easily.
I hastened to interrupt. “This is not a important thing anyway. By the way, you do not do not know what the upper God? I’ll take you to see.”
Zhuo has the same purple children’s character, its characteristic is very difficult time to focus on one thing. When I say that upper god things immediately began to shift her attention to the. “Is it true? Quickly took me to see. You said in the end is not really ah? Although the old man hated my family, but his strength is really strong, able to transcend his existence, I do not believe such a of the people. “
“Not people, but God. But also the upper God.” I said, found a place to call out the door to the earth, but this is not war, I do not have an up to open the door, just let the door in front of us only. I do not want to be Mother of the Earth she suddenly ran in and threw out, she certainly can not fight Mother of the Earth, but she can beat me, the earth mother of God, after throwing out the fi
re she will definitely move me. So now her protection is for my own protection. In order for her this level of Host Mother Earth have a general understanding of God, I chose to let her feel.
Earth is a space gate door, but because of its basic strength comes from Mother Earth, so the structure looks like soil composition, and door still covered with vine plants. But do not look down on the door, fight through it, then it basically qualify as the upper God.
I made a door to the action requested. “Put your hands up, pay attention Do not be too hard.”
Purple Zhuo puzzled look me, but she obviously does not think that I said God is the real existence of the upper, so there is no fear at all. Random walk to catch the door handle, a brown gas field suddenly, cut off the door and her hand. Purple Zhuo surprised looked at the Road gas field, and then forced the door handle to extend the results nothing to prevent gas field, she is that nothing can be blank. After a few tries might be angry, all before her in addition to flood foreign leader who had never lost, never thought for a door and beaten! Back some of her angry, then fierce punch and pound the door. Penetrated with a direct flame fist hit the door of the gas field, but only so far, and the door remains intact, as if it were simply not played the same punch.
“How could that be?” Purple Zhuo surprised looks at his fist, and then asked to cast my eyes.
I laughed in the past to catch the door handle, gas field in the moment I met automatically disappear. So I told her Pinky. “It handles not impress, I feel the breath inside.” Exploratory Purple Zhuo took over the handle, but the gas market does not appear, her hand directly on the the door. Looked at her puzzled look, I had cautioned: “Close your eyes and heart to feel.”
Zhuo try to close your eyes and feel the purple a bit, then she in an instant they opened his eyes, his face full of surprise. “What is power? Why so large? But feel as if no pressure! Old man’s strength is less than one percent of this force, but the pressure is great, and this is how is it?”
“Because this is not an offensive power. Most people have no power, it seemed very weak. General of Warcraft has the primary force MBT shoes seems ferocious. Your dad like the power of the gods with a high level, the performance of evil does not exist remaining only the pressure of dignity. the door is inside the upper God, than your dad’s power to more powerful, to this level, unless they want to fight, otherwise you do not feel any threat. This is the power distinction. “” Do you say is true God exists upper? “
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