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Frbizcom reports maintenance of gold and silver necklace

Frbiz.com Reports Maintenance Of Gold And Silver Necklace

?Silver? 1, silver is the best care to wear every day, because the body can produce the natural oils and fats moist sheen. 2, Do not wear silver, other precious metals also wear jewelry, so as to avoid collision deformation or scratches. 3, maintaining silver dry, do not wear swimming away from the hot springs and sea water. Not available when the surface of cotton swab or tissue paper to remove water and dirt, it would be placed in sealed bags or box to avoid contact with air. 4, if we find silver there are signs of yellowing, the simplest way to add a little water, the use of toothpaste, wash the surface of light. Or use a small brush clean silver jewelry jewelry slits, then rub silver cloth graze its surface, we can immediately restore the original beautiful decoration. (If you use silver cleaning cloth to restore about 89 percent of silver status, stop using the milk and wash wipe silver silver water, because they all have a certain degree of corrosion, silver jewelry in the use of these products later, will become more easy to turn yellow. In addition, silver care cleaning silver cloth containing ingredients that are not available wash) 5, silver, yellow too serious, silver immersed in water with washing time should not be too long, generally a few seconds, remove immediately after washing with water, then dry with tissue paper. 6, the use of silver polishing cloth to restore some Bacheng the silver position, we do not need to use silver polishing silver milk and wash water, because these products have a certain corrosive, silver, after the use of these products will become increasingly easy to change Huang. Shi silver cloth containing silver and maintenance components, can not be washed. 7, if not after the normal wear silver in the processing and collection, they are most likely to silver black. Then you should use a small brush to clean jewelry jewelry slits, and then wipe a drop of silver in the emulsion droplet surface paper, the silver surface of the black oxide unhealed, and then wipe silver jewelry cloth to restore the original light. We must remember that after doing general maintenance routine, and to avoid the silver again, black, silver, black, after several times it is difficult rubbing white. ?Payment? 1, first stored in a separate jewelry jewelry box or chamois leather, but also to a habit exhausted Do not wear jewelry and other jewelry throw put together, to prevent scratches on each other. 2, the precious ornaments placed in a safe place to buy adequate insurance. If you do not understand the value of your jewelry, please bring a local jeweler for valuation. 3, on a regular basis for cleaning jewelry. This ensures that the best gloss jewelry show, and more durable. Method of cleaning gold jewelry and other precious jewelry the same; use the market to sell jewelry cleaners, or diffuse it soaked in soap and water solution, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. [Shell Necklace] Shell Necklace 4, for the gold inlaid gemstone jewelry alum needs cleaning once every six months. By a qualified jeweler jewelry right to adjust the size of correction, polishing and cleaning. In order for your payment to be professionally maintained, first of all to ensure that the jeweler has a trained fitter gold. 5, if there is a visible scratches, please bring qualified jeweler jewelry there for grinding, all the precious metals are likely to leave scratches, gold is no exception. But the gold surface appears a natural oxide layer, many people may prefer to have just polished off the surface. If this occurs, please send your platinum jewelry taken to a qualified jeweler so that they can re-polish it to produce an extremely bright effect. 6, carrying out domestic cleaning, gardening and other types of heavy work or physical activity, please do not wear gold jewelry. Because women are wearing jewelry when doing housework easily accessible to bleach or irritating chemicals. Although they do not produce damage on the gold, but the chemicals may cause discoloration diamonds or precious stones. 7, summer is best not to wear gold jewelry to wear or to reduce the time, often adhesions, or soaked in sweat inside would make the black gold, but some women because of this causes itchy skin or allergic symptoms The first necklace for some jewelry because of the different stones have different qualities, so there are some in the maintenance of the special requirements and precautions are respectively introduced as follows: (1) emerald necklace. Although Jade are hard and with toughness, a certain amount of resilience. However, after the emerald processed products, are often thinner, to be hit will be damaged. (2) emerald necklace. Slightly greater than the hardness of emerald jade, but lower than should be crisp emerald, it is more vulnerable to impact than the emerald and beat. In addition, the emerald afraid of high temperature, in a fire will reduce color fade, easy to burst under high temperature. (3) opal necklace. Lower the hardness of opal should avoid friction with other items. Opal contains water, should avoid high temperature, or loss due to evaporation of moisture, ranging from loss of transparency, re-burst occurred. In addition, the opal is not acid, so wear opal jewelry should be to avoid the heat and acidic substances. Opal jewelry collection, they should also pay attention to environmental can not be too dry, otherwise cracks will result in dehydration and even rupture. In order to prevent dehydration, in the dry season, repeat certain period of time should be placed in water for a jewelry (4) Amethyst necklace. Amethyst the color of instability, when the temperature or prolonged exposure will cause fading. Wear or the collection process, should avoid high temperature or exposure. (5), malachite, and turquoise necklace. Hardness than those of the two stones in water, very easy to wear and tear. Both the chemical nature of the instability in the event of dissolution of acid will be subject to corrosion. Tesco turquoise color at high temperatures, and even longer exposure, and by the sweat soaking, but also make turquoise color. These are in the process of wear and collectors must pay attention. (6), pearl and coral necklace. Low hardness of pearls and coral, easily lose their luster due to the surface friction Er Shi. Both ingredients are calcium carbonate, the event will be subjected to corrosion of acid dissolution. Easy summer sweat, sweat and also make pearls, coral damage and the loss of the surface of the original luster. The powder cosmetics, perfume and hair cream, also makes pearls gradually degenerate. Therefore, the summer’s best not to wear such jewelry. If, after perspiration stain may be placed in clean water for rinsing, and then soft fabric can be gently wiped away. Pearl jewelry in the collection before, be sure to clean water after rinsing, the Department must also be kept away from cosmetics. (7) lazuli necklace. Lapis lazuli necklace tarnished after the first must not be soaked in water and flushing. Because lapis lazuli is composed of a variety of granular mineral collection, if the water soaking and washing, precious stones to the inside surface of the penetration of dirt, so will change the original luster of lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli jewelry tarnished, the available wet cloth gently wipe, wipe dirt.

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